Newsletter #2 October 15, 2013

MJ’s friend and critique partner is blogging this week at:

Scroll down and you’ll find an interview of MJ as well.

MJ posted at

A Matter of Trust has garnered 3 five star reviews at Amazon. If you haven’t downloaded your copy be sure to get your copy.

MJ is going to have guest authors visiting, be sure to check back soon!

MJ Flournoy has a new release:

What would happen if the school board found out one of their teachers had psychic abilities? Yep, that’s right she would find herself without a job. That is exactly what happened to Jolie Wyngate when she used her psychic ability to save a rescued child. It took Jolie two years to find a new position and now history appears poised to repeat itself.

Follow Jolie’s struggles in this new release and see if she can use her abilities or if she will hide them away.

MJ Flournoy writes romantic suspense with paranormal elements. She has too, since the paranormal always manages to slip into her work. When MJ isn’t writing or promoting, she teaches 8th grade in a rural Georgia school.

MJ enjoys travel and reading. She especially loves cruising in the Mediterranean.

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