Character Page:

A short Visit from the Maniac
Maniac, so good of you to stop by.

Gosh, MJ, I’m thrilled to visit, especially since Jolie is busy at the moment with that really hot, hunky ex-Seal, Mac. The two of them make me feel like a third wheel.

Can you tell us what you’re up to now that Jolie and Mac appear to be an item?

Well, you should know, since you promised to write my story. I read it somewhere that you were blogging.

You’ve been following my blogging?

Yeah, I find I like following you around almost as much as I do Jolie. Especially when you’re at school.

You’ve followed me to school?

Only a couple times, your classes are b-o-r-i-n-g! Except the creative writing class, I enjoy seeing all the young authors, some are quite talented.

You were going to tell me about your activity?

Jolie and I are going to go undercover and work to stop a some sort of tragic event. In the process, my very existance is at risk. That’s right, I’ve been looking at those notes you’ve been scribbling. You had better figure it out, or I might just end up living in you head instead of Jolie’s.

1 thought on “Character Page:”

  1. That sounds like something Manic would do!

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