How do you collect research for your stories? Here’s how one writer does it.

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I’m writing a short story about an 18 year old girl who lives in the North Georgia mountains.

If a 1960 Ford truck rolled three times off a mountain, would the windows break out in shards or stay in one piece with lots of cracks?

What kinds of guns would she have with her, shotgun, rifle, and/or hand gun? She hunted with her older brothers.

What kind of hand gun?

What kind of rifle?

When the truck stopped would the radio still play?

Would she try to bring the truck back up or not?

I got a lot of great answers on Facebook. Most were from my former students, now late 40’s and early 50’s.  Most of those were from the girls and their daughters!

Why did I ask those questions there? Because I remembered some of my kids  had rolled vehicles and lived to tell it! 

I also knew…

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