Georgia has been getting a lot of rain lately. The sky is overcast and the world outside my window looks dreary. But things are bright and lively inside. I’m spending time writing. Actually I working on three stories. I switch back and forth between them depending on which set of characters are calling my name.

One story is the sequel to A Matter of Trust. After having many, many people ask for the rest of the story I decided it was time to tell it. The Heroine is the Maniac and yes if you’ve read AMOT you know that the Maniac is definitely a challenge because she doesn’t have … Well, I won’t ruin AMOT for you in case you haven’t read it. But when you have please offer suggests on how to solve the Maniac’s dilemma.

The second story has a hero that looks like Augie from Covert Affairs. He is a computer nerd turned JTTF agent in the middle of a sting operation. His op is crashed by a teenager with autism. Said operative must try to save the kid and salvage his covert operation while dealing with the girl he left behind when he joined the military. Wasn’t his idea to join the military or leave the girl behind, but her daddy… well you get the idea.

The third story is somewhat different and will be released as a YA. The Dragon Whisperer idea came from a picture I found that just spoke to me. dragoncover

See what I mean? I just have to write a story to go with this picture.

So that’s what I’m up to this rainy night in Georgia. What about you? Tell me what you’re up to or what you think about my stories or just open a conversation about AMOT or Little Lies.AmazonA_Matter_Of_Trust_Final_LARGE