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I have joined a blog hop. Don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m going to try to figure it out. I think I have to post a hot kiss. I can do that I love to write hot kisses. Let me go find a good one! Be right back!


Here’s one from Little Lies which will be released very soon!

Zack took the wine glass from her hand and placed it on the small table beside his glass. Slowly, but with deliberation, Zack pulled Sara into his arms and lowered his lips to her.

“I refuse to single-handedly set equal rights back fifty years,” he whispered just before his mouth settled gently on hers.

His lips were firm, smooth and warm as they slanted across hers. Gentle tingles started from the contact and moved slowly along her nerve endings, cascading lower until they settled in her belly, warming her in a deliciously sensuous way. Her body had never responded with such wild cravings as Zack’s touch prompted. These intense urges were foreign to her, as was this instant desire that left her knees weak. Her rational mind credited it to the riot of hormones flooding through her system. Regardless of the reason, her body was ready for Zack.

The trail his mouth scorched from her lips to her cheek ignited fire in her blood and mind. Her skin tingled as he moved lower to her jaw. She let her head fall back as he found the tender skin just beneath her ear. She struggled to maintain control, drew a ragged breath as Zack tasted and nipped his way to the hollow at the base of her throat.

“We should take this inside,” she whispered as Zack’s fingers slid her dress from one shoulder.