Mary Marvella writes a mean romantic suspense! Even her villian is hot!

Leanne Tyler

Please welcome today’s Guest Author ~ Mary Marvella

Good Monday, Leanne,  I think it might finally be spring here in Georgia.

I love a good romantic suspense novel! I especially enjoy getting to know the characters.  Some authors keep me awake all night because I can’t put their books down. I hope to be one of those for other readers.

Protective_Instincts_Final_LARGEProtective Instincts was my first book, but it had a different title and a really beginning, tone, and ending.  After I finished it and refined the beginning, I thought it was ready to go out into the world. Not so! I got the “good” rejections but not requests for other work or suggested revisions.  After years of writing other books and revising this one I signed a contract with the editor I least expected to want my story.

Protective Instincts is the story of Brit, a woman who has finally…

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