What do you do when cabin fever strikes? I’m not sure cabin fever is exactly the right term, but it’s the closest one I have at the moment. It has been below freezing for several days now, and I’m about ready to climb the walls. I live in the south. It isn’t supposed to be five degrees here. One night it was minus three with the wind chill! That is just too much.

So how to cope? I’ll tell you what I plan to do. I’m going to make myself a large cup of hot chocolate and pull out my vacation photos. I’ll imagine myself somewhere sunny and warm. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe Italy? Let’s see would you like to take a trip with me? Let’s visit some warm sunny spots.Musica Cruise 2008 014
What better way to defeat cabin fever than to relive my favorite vacation cruise? This is aboard MSC Musica, we had a balconey cabin.
Musica Cruise 2008 056
Our first port was Bari, Italy. We enjoyed touring the old town and seeing the small port.
Musica Cruise 2008 218
The next day we were on to Katakolon, Greece. We took a bus trip and visited the site of the Orginal Olympic games.
Musica Cruise 2008 260
Then we cruised on to Santorini, Greece. I would not believe the water was truly so blue had I not seen it for myself. Don’t take the donkey’s up the mountain, my daughter was thrown half way up!
Musica Cruise 2008 352
On to Mykonos, Greece which is known as the party capital of the Greek Isles. Notice the interesting scenery?
Musica Cruise 2008 324
Mykonos was beautiful, warm sunny and welcoming.

Now, don’t you feel better? I’m warmer already!