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Have you ever had Shingles? OMG, I hope the answer is no! If you answered yes, then you know how horrid they are. Please, if are over fifty and had chickenpox as a child, please, please, go get the vaccine! Shingles are terrible!

How do I know? I’ve been battling them for more than two weeks, that’s how. It started out innocently enough with a sudden stinging and itching in my right eye. That progressed to a full blown allergy attack that left my eye blood red and swollen. Next came the itches, felt like things were crawling over my face. The least little thing would set it off. A stray hair blowing across my cheek would lead to the feeling of ants marching across my face. Then last Friday, it progressed to small red splotches on my cheek, under my eye and on my lip. The sploches were accompanied by incredible shooting pains. Everywhere there was a red splotch, there was pain.

By Saturday morning the blisters had appeared. At this point my dear husband, sensible man that he is, intervened and insisted I go to the doctor.

I headed to the doctor and upon taking a look at my face and hearing my symptoms, he pronounced it Shingles. His warning, it’s going to be worse before it gets better.

He gave me an anti-viral medication and sent me home with instructions to see my regular doctor the following week.

What a weekend. Angelina Jolie had nothing on me in the lips department, well on the right side, anyway. My top lip swelled to three times it normal size and small blisters popped out. The red spot beneath my eye progressed to a blister and sent shooting pains up through my eye. My cheek hurt, very skin hurt. But the worse was my teeth. Every nerve in my mouth felt exposed, it was like having at least 20 absessed teeth at once.

I won’t go on, you get the get the idea. If you have never had Shingles, go to your doctor and ask for the vaccination! Now, today, you never know when these sneaky little bastards will attack.

Had Shingles? Have you taken the vaccine? No, what are you waiting for, another attack? If you are over 50 they will give you the vaccine. But you have to ask. Me, I’m counting the days until I can get the vaccine!