A Little Ghost Story


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This is a picture of the curtains I made for my daughter’s breakfast room. Look closely at the picture, then read the story below.

curtains orb

My mother was an awesome seamstress. I like to think I took after her, but I know I’ll never be as good as she was. Mom passed away when I was 20.

About six years after her death, we bought a new house and I needed new curtains for the living room. Now this was way back in the early seventies and times were lean. I couldn’t afford to buy new curtains, so I went to a mill outlet store that Mom used to visit and bought the material to make curtains. I even bought lining material.

I measured and cut the material for my curtains, then realized I didn’t know how to do the sides and hem to give them a finished look. I stewed over it all day and finally gave up. That night in a dream, my mom came and showed me exactly how to fold the material to make the finished curtains. I got up the next morning went to my machine and her method worked perfectly.

Now, you might say that isn’t a ghost story and you’re right. It isn’t. But that isn’t the ghost story, this is. Those of you who have been following my feed have seen the curtains I just made for my daughter. She came down and helped me with the cutting, ironing and removing pins. She doesn’t sew.

Anyway as we sat at the table folding the side of the curtain panels she asked me about the red velvet curtains that were in our home when she was about 6 or 7 years old. I told her the little story above as she sat across from me at the table. When I pulled the last length of material across the table to finish pinning the side hem, there at the end were three perfectly placed pins in a perfectly folded hem. The pins were not there when we spread the material and I was working from the hem end to the top.

Momma was watching and wanted us to know she was still there to help.

NYC here I come!

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It’s time for Romance Writers of America’s National Conference. This year the event is in the Big Apple. I’m so excited to see my old friends and make new friends.

If you’ve never attended RWA’s National, you don’t know what you are missing. Think of it 2000+ authors, plus editors and agents all gathered to discuss what is happening in the industry.

This year there so many things I want to do. There is the little Asian Fusion restauranttimesquarenyc libertymarriott46260362Jerseyboys

that we found and loved. My friends an I will be sure to return there. Then there is Junior’s right across from the hotel and has the most devine cheesecake.

This year Kiss of Death, the mystery and suspense chapter of RWA is meeting with the FBI for the inside scoop on all things FBI related. I’ll try to post another blog with some details. Then there is the Outreach International…

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I Don’t Share with Mice!


My friend had an encounter with a furry rodent! Yuck!

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I really don’t like mice, not even small ones.

I was working just hours ago when a mouse invaded my workspace. I have a comfy rocking chair with a rocking ottoman. My laptop and I love that I can put my feet up when I’m tired and have work to edit or pages to write. I sat down when a fresh glass of tea, prepared to finish edits on Cheerleader Dad to send to my editor. I had put the glass on a table to my right.

Good thing I looked at the drink before I grabbed it. A mouse stared at me as though wondering what new goodie I had brought for us. Who knows what the critter tasted?  I left to grab and bait two traps to put on the table, but the stinker didn’t leave. The traps were small but maybe too heavy duty for the little…

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Midsummer’s Eve


Now I want to finish my fairy-timetravel-highlander book!

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Sunday, June 21st, is the summer solstice, better known as the first day of summer. It is also known as Midsummer’s Eve or the Wiccan celebration of Litha. I thought it would be interesting to share some of the ancient customs of this night.
The summer solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere.
If Stonehenge is anything to go by, summer celebrations have a millennia-old history. While the ancient druids may have commemorated the fertility of the season, many of us are just happy to get outdoors after a long winter. Stonehenge_heel_stone
In a lot of cultures, the solstice marks the start of summer. In Scandinavia, where it’s known as Midsummer, it is one of the biggest holidays on the calendar. The day is celebrated with copious amounts of herring, vodka, singing, and a dance around the maypole. Throughout much of Europe, it’s referred to as…

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